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A long time contributor to Bike Magazine, along with other cycling publications and lifestyle publications such as Outside and Sunset, Anne took a break from photos to open and co-own the Hot Tomato pizzeria in Fruita, Colorado. She co-owned and operated it for 15 years, which is a long ass time in restaurant years. After the sale of her business in 2021, Anne immediately picked the camera back up and realized that her old standby Nikon D3 was seriously antiquated and she needed to dump a bunch of money in catching up. Since then, she has been stepping back into both editorial projects for publications like Freehub magazine and working with clients such as Patagonia, Liv Cycling and Juliana.

She also has been dabbling in some film work, and once got lucky enough to be featured in front of the lens for the Patagonia film about her business,  Life Of Pie.

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